The chef Andreas Hettinger has a classic mediterranean style of cooking with modern influences.
We serve a five-course menu, which can be reduced by request to four courses.

The rotating menu embraces market availability and seasonality.

A certain harmony between food and wine is very important to us, and we are happy to help you in selecting the wine of your choice.

Our Gastrosophic Menu (example)

Turnip | Chickweed | peanut
Grapefruit | Cress | Celery | River caviar | Olive yuzu
Imperial pigeon
Sweet potato | Bacon | Quinoa | Truffle
Beef fillet
Polenta | Chicory | Belper Knolle | Topinambur
Baileys sandwich
Mango | Herbs | Caramel | White chocolate

Five courses menu
112,-- Euro per person

Our menus are regularly re-composed
and seasonally orientated.